State and National Parks

Fort Payne is a mecca for those who which to immerse themselves in the wonder and beauty of the Appalachian foothills.  In whichever direction you go, you will find yourself in the midst of the grandeur of nature.

Take Highway 35 up Lookout Mountain and within minutes you can either be driving along the rim of Little River Canyon and stopping at its breathtaking vistas or be hiking in DeSoto State Park on the picturesque Azalea Trail which is handicap accessible in order to bring the outdoor splendor to everyone.

Head in the opposite direction and you will find yourself on Sand Mountain which hosts Buck’s Pocket State Park and High Falls Park.  Buck’s Pocket boasts 2000 acres of outdoor opportunities and High Falls Park is home to a stunning waterfall and a quaint pedestrian bridge spanning the gorge of Town Creek.

The mountain canvases change with the seasons and provide endless moments of awe. 

Come on out… Nature is waiting.