Business and Industry

Fort Payne is a city of great opportunity and ideally located to service a wide range of industry.  Located in the growing Southeast, Fort Payne is only an hour from Chattanooga, Tennessee, less than two hours from Huntsville and Birmingham, Alabama, and less than 3 hours from Atlanta, Georgia.

Fort Payne offers an excellent transportation system as it is located on I-59 and has easy access to several other interstate systems including I-24, I-75, I-65, and I-20, making it easy and convenient to get anywhere in the country.  The Norfolk-Southern Railroad also provides convenient rail transportation opportunities.  Fort Payne Municipal Airport, Isbell Field, consists of a 5001 x 100 foot runway and is located just two miles from the downtown.

Fort Payne and the surrounding areas are populated with talented men and women who make up a skilled labor pool from which employers can draw upon.  Unions are virtually non-existent in this area.

The cost of living and the cost of doing business in Fort Payne are both low.  The city boasts of excellent water and sewer facilities plus some of the lowest electric and natural gas rates in the country.

Fort Payne welcomes you to review some of our world class companies that already call us home and to consider us for your future needs.  We want your business!

For any help or questions regarding locating your business in Fort Payne, please contact:

DeKalb County Economic Development Authority